Poster 6 Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! We would like to learn what you think about a series of educational "posters." While we are calling them posters, please keep in mind that these images might be used as digital graphics for social media or smaller flier hand-outs rather than large hard copy posters.

This is Poster #6. You can see more at The first 10 people who provide feedback on all 6 posters and include their email addresses will each receive a $25 gift card. After that, all who complete feedback on all 6 posters and provide their email addresses by May 31, 2021 will be entered to win a $25 gift card. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing
Poster #6
1. What does this poster recommend people do?
2. Based on this poster, why is it important to follow this recommendation?
3. After seeing this poster, are you more likely to use an app to choose safer products?
4. Is there something that could make it hard for you to follow this advice? If yes, please explain on the line that appears.
5. Is there something on this poster that is confusing or unclear? If yes, please explain on the line that appears.
6. What does the message "Protecting yourself protects future generations" mean to you?
7. Which, if any, of the messages in the poster is new to you?
8. Does this poster make you want to learn more?
9. Please rate the following.
Not likely
Very Likely
How likely are you to use the QR code or the shortlink to learn more?
10. We are creating a website with this information. What should we include? (Select all that apply.)
11. Do you trust the information on this poster?
12. Why do or why don't you not trust this poster?
13. Please rate the following.
NOT meant for me
Meant for me
How strongly do you feel this poster is for you?
14. Please explain your rating.
15. Where do you think we should share this poster or graphic to reach people like you? (Select all that apply)
16. Do you have additional feedback on the poster?
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